How does your scoring system work?

Businesses are rated based on how much of our criteria they meet. Businesses that meet many of our criteria, or who meet the most impactful criteria, are given a higher ranking. Those that meet few of our criteria, or who meet the least impactful criteria, are given a lower ranking (although the fact that they are LocallyU Approved is a compliment!)

1 Leaf = "Emerging". These businesses have a solid foundation on which to build.
2 Leaves = "Good". These businesses have made some impactful efforts for their community.
3 Leaves = "Great". These businesses are clearly dedicated to helping their communities in multiple ways.
4 Leaves = "Excellent". These businesses go above and beyond in helping their communities.
5 Leaves = "Best". These businesses complete most actions with their communities in mind and go above and beyond by helping in multiple ways.

Can any business be added to LocallyU?

Any business from any location can be submitted in one-minute by filling out this form. Once submitted, our admins will verify that the business actually meets the criteria you said it did in the submission form. As long as everything checks out, the business will be approved and placed on the site.

What if my town isn’t on LocallyU?

One of our goals is to inspire people to become community activists by promoting great local businesses in their area. While we are expanding to new places as quickly as possible, it is a long process. This is why we encourage users to add businesses they know of to LocallyU for us. If your town is not yet on LocallyU, we encourage you to submit all the businesses that you think would be approved in your town. That way we can expand quicker and (most importantly) you can help your community by driving traffic to local stores.

For more information on how to help our mission, send an e-mail to info@locallyu.com with your questions.

Can a business pay to increase their score?

Never. In order to maintain the integrity of our scoring system, the only way a business can improve their score is to implement more of our criteria into their practices.

How can a business increase its presence on LocallyU?

We currently offer a paid Listing Enhancement service that businesses can add to their entry. It’s a great way to give users more information about your business and to promote all of your ethical, sustainable, and community-oriented practices. For more information, Click Here.

What if there is an inaccuracy in a listing?

We strive to create the most accurate listings possible. Unfortunately, there are businesses we accidently look over, ones that close down, and ones that meet more criteria than we gave them credit for (this typically happens when a business doesn’t overtly advertise this information in the public sphere). Also, because much of our information is crowd-sourced, we are not legally responsible for any inaccurate information. For more clarification, please read our Terms of Service.

If you are a business owner concerned about an inaccuracy in your listing, please e-mail your concern to feedback@locallyu.com, or call (607) 341-5475. We will correct the error as quickly as possible.

What if my business doesn’t meet enough criteria to be on LocallyU?

If your business falls short of the minimum 9 points for LocallyU Approval, we encourage you to incorporate some of our criteria into your business practices. Once these changes are made, please inform us and we will determine if it is enough for your business to be approved.

How can I help LocallyU?

Unfortunately given our current situation, we cannot offer paid employment at this time. However, we are searching for moderators who are willing to help us. Moderators can help by submitting/approving businesses from different areas of the country and verifying that businesses on the site still exist.

We are also looking for people to become LocallyU Agents by helping us advertise to Approved businesses. This would involve going to Approved businesses in your town, making them aware of the site, and offering them LocallyU Cards for them to hand to their customers. While we can’t pay for this, you will receive a t-shirt and we will happily write a letter of recommendation for you, if need be.

Finally, you can become part of the LocallyU Street Team by shopping at Approved businesses (and making them aware of the website), telling friends and family to use LocallyU, and adding any businesses that you can in your spare time. Any help is appreciated.

For more information on any of these positions, please e-mail info@locallyu.com to express your interest.